Here’s a taste of the broad range of student activities we encourage at the Ida + Clinton 

Sports Facility and Family Foundation Inc. central headquarters.

     We tailor our afterschool outreach, contract services and summer programs to give our students in fourth grade to 

twelfth grade more time in a structured, collaborative environment which gives them exposure to a broader range of music and video production education, non-profit entrepreneur and strategic management and the A.A.U College Exposure Travel Tour curriculum, which is the only programs of its kind in the nation and not covered by the traditional health, education, artistic, business or fitness curriculum

     We support a thriving group of student clubs and activities ranging from our beginning Health and Fitness "Failure Is Not An Option" and "Care For Our Kids" Campaign Program to the advanced "Basketball Through Science" and Athletic Skills Training, Peer, Cross-Age and "Athlete Elite" Tutoring Program, Music Business Education, Video and Film Production, Non-Profit Workshop Program to Athletic Skills Training, A.A.U Basketball and Track Traveling Team as well as Work-Study Sleepaway Camp, Scholarship Program and specialized services to students experiencing the signs and symptoms of Asperger's. in Pennsylvania and Summer Day All programs are led by teachers and students who volunteer time with the students to enable these activities.  All of these services are offered to schools, clubs, community programs and businesses on a work-for-hire, contracting, sub-contracting basis.

Daily Schedule

5:30am- Wake Up

6:00am- Arrival to Training Course for Morning Run

6:30am- Arrival to Track Field for Interval or Ladder Training

7:30am- Return to I+C Sports Facility

8:30am- Breakfast

9:00am- School- Music Business Education, Non-Profit Entrepreneur and Video Production Classes

11:30am-Lunch time

12:30pm- Work-Study

  1:45pm- Free Time

  3:30pm- Preparation for Basketball Training School

  4:00pm- Basketball Training School

  5:45pm- Dinner

  6:30pm- Journal Assignments Complete

                  Free Time

  9:00am- Bed Time 


     We are also very proud to provide services to schools, clubs and community programs as well as businesses in New York City and Pennsylvania with our specialized Recreation Therapy and Youth Counseling Program Services for "at risk" and "acting out" youth.  The only program of its kind in the nation, the Pulse Academy is designed to meet the needs of parents, staff, students and administrators.  

Our cheerleading, dance, step, fashion and production program activities as well as the forty-four contracting services are the most popular (Vernonwilson1 on Youtube).  These programs give eager students a chance to explore their creative sides in a supportive environment that really encourages creativity through each activity.  The annual showcase, fashion show presentation and athletic olympic events is a big hit for approximately 800 students and two thousand spectators who participate each year.  These are reason's your generous contribution or donation is so vital to our program students.  You can go online  att: Donate Page.  For more information on services or scheduling please refer to the calendar schedule or contact: The Pulse Academy or  For contracting services please write to: I+C Educational and Tutorial Services Sports Facility  P.O Box 698  Milford, Pennsylvania  18337, 914 374-4217  You can catch the action by visiting Vernonwilson1 on  Youtube  att: Videos