Future Stars Scholarship Program at Ida + Clinton Sports Facility and Family Foundation Inc.

                                             P.O Box 698     Milford, Pennsylvania 18337       


            2020-2021 Programs (Check Program You Wish To Sponsor) 

___Pulse Academy Basketball Training School (Vernonwilson1 on Youtube)

                 For Application request mail request to:  I+C Sports Facility

                                                                                           P.O Box 698

                                                                                       Milford, Pennsylvania  18337

___High School, Prep School and College "Exposure" Travel Tour Program

                                           One-To-One, Small Group Services

           (Go To: Vernonwilson1 on Youtube Before Considering Enrolling in The Training School)

___Contracting and Vendor Services)

___Adidas "Silver" Gauntlet and A.A.U Travel Team or A.A.U Basketball Team


Executive Director- Vernon Wilson

Executive Financial Director- Darlene Barkley Wilson                                                

New York Office- 914 374-4217 


email: Bxstories@Yahoo.com           

Visit; Vernonwilson1 on Youtube att: Videos

Program Hours: Monday - Saturday  8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

                             Sunday- 2:00pm- 6:00pm- Appointments Only


                               2020-2021 FUND RAISING DONOR CAMPAIGN INFORMATION

                                        THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

(Please print and mail with your, donation, contribution, check or money order to: Pulse Workshop Group  c/o I +C Sports Facility and Family Foundation  P.O Box 698 Milford, Pennsylvania  18337.  If you should have any questions about on-line giving or purchases or click on to DONATE, or please contact Ms. Darlene Barkley Wilson, Executive Coordinator Director at 914 374-4218 


Major credit cards accepted ( Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Debit,

Paypal, Venmo). 

                                   icsportsfac.com    att: DONATE PAGE


SPONSOR OR SUPPORTER"S NAME  ____________________________________                                                                     

BILLING ADDRESS ____________________________  APT____ CITY___________STATE___ ZIP CODE _________

BILLING ADDRESS 2____________________________

TELEPHONE _____________________       CELL_____________________



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P.O Box 698  Milford, Pennsylvania  18337
914 374-4217
Vernon Wilson- Executive Director