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Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome to the Pulse Academy 2022-2023" Ida + Clinton Sports Facility and Family Foundation "College Exposure Tour" Program in Pennsylvania and New York. Last year's 2021-2022 fall, winter, spring and summer activities at the sleep away camp in Pennsylvania and basketball and track and field day camp school in New York and "College and Prep School Exposure" Tour came from ideas and suggestions brought up at planning meetings with coaches, staff, educators, parents and administrators. It is truly unfortunate that the Covid 19 pandemic prevented the program to provide each camper with the athletic and educational training skills that would have assisted them in pursuing a middle school, high school and college educational experience as a student and athlete. As the program continues to gain national recognition on all grade levels, with trips to Duke University, Springfield University, New Haven University, Maryland University as well as this year's Adidas National Basketball Tournament, Rio National Basketball Tournament, Hoop Group and Spooky Nook, not to mention the many high school and prep school tours we visited, more and more key members are beginning to support the Academy's and the I + C Foundation programs and campaign by joining the membership, sponsoring the program, expressing new ideas and creating new ways to guide students as athletes. These are the reasons why your active support and cooperation, combined with our best professional training efforts will continue to ensure the success for all our parents and students. I am proud to say, how fortunate it will be to work with such dedicated and talented individuals like yourself and your children.

Once again, welcome to the I +C Sports Facility and Family Foundation Inc. If you should need additional information, please feel free to visit or Vernonwilson1on Youtube att: Videos for our video production highlights and contracting services or email at or call 914 374-4217 to make an appointment.

Cordially yours

Vernon Wilson

Executive Director and Publisher

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